We have offered successful and long-life antimicrobial coating to various schools and institutions to make them a better and safe place to learn and develop. Learning takes place best when you are assured of a safe learning environment. Using NanoDefence antimicrobial coating on high-risk areas such as walls, air filters, stair rails, desks and chairs, you can ensure a safe place for students as well as for the entire school staff who work there. Parents are much concerned for the safety of their children when they are outside their homes for 6 to 8 hours. Educational institutes can instill confidence among parents and guardians that they have set up a perfect and safe platform for their children where they can learn in a friendly and safe environment, which is free from any kind of bacterial infection.

Children have a Developing Immune System

When children are at their growing age, their immune system is also at great risk as it is also in a developing stage, especially those who range between 5 to 12 years of age. At this age they are more prone to bacterial infections and can have severe effects on their health. A school is a place where children learn and play together and during their school hours, they come in contact with each other. The antimicrobial coating from NanoDefence offers a long-term protection against any kind of infections. We have a highly skilled and trained team of experts who identify areas which come in contact to children most of the times. Getting antimicrobial resistance and infection control from NanoDefence will keep you relaxed in terms of safety of your entire school staff and students. This also builds a good reputation among parents who appreciate such efforts and this can prove to be the most influential marketing formula for your institute.

Offer a Safe and Better Learning Environment

The antimicrobial resistance and infection control from NanoDefence lays a robust foundation for schools to provide a better learning environment for students. Not only the students but the teaching staff also starts paying much heed towards their active role in offering quality education. You can simply assure enhanced productivity by your teaching staff if you offer them a safe place to work. Your entire staff will focus on their respective work rather than being conscious about their health safety. Whether at elementary level or for higher studies, this effective and innovative antimicrobial coating is a sure-shot solution to make sure that you have provided a better and safe place for overall development of children.

Inspire Students for 100% Participation

We have received positive feedback from our different clients who have experienced the benefits of our amazing services. Most of the school managements reported that they have witnessed an increase in the overall attendance of both their teachers and students after using our efficient antimicrobial infection control. Teachers and students reported to the schools without any absence especially due to health issues. When you remain safe from microbial attacks and focus primarily on your priorities, you lend a helping hand in developing a better and happy environment where everyone gets inspired with each other and head towards perfection.

Long-term Protection Against Infection

We understand that educational institutes need to follow strict and constant learning regime so that there is no hindrance in the teaching-learning process. This is the reason why we have developed our technology so that we can offer long-term protection against germs and bacteria. The 90-days protection against any kind of infection ensures smooth functioning of your educational institute where you can stay relaxed for a longer period of time. This also allows you to follow your targeted regime with complete professionalism and without any hindrances.

No Side Effects

Our antimicrobial coating is based on Nanotechnology where it develops a layer of Nanospikes which penetrate within and kills all cell membranes of bacteria and germs. Hence, the process is completely safe for everyone and doesn’t involve any side effects.

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