It is the most commonly used system at offices and industries where many people share a commonplace and work. Any contamination through it can become a cause for severe losses. By adding Nanodefence coated filters to HVAC systems, you can ensure pure and secure ventilation for your employees and staff. The antibacterial coating spray in offices, industrial places, hospitals, ships, airplanes, and trains can be used to assure public safety by using our advanced solution for infection prevention & control.
The HVAC system includes products like furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, ductworks, thermostats, and some other home comfort controls. Generally, an air conditioner comprises four basic components; a pump, an evaporator, a condenser, and an expansion valve. A liquid refrigerant is used to cool down the air. If any of these components get affected through any kind of bacterial infection, it can be disastrous in this critical situation. The manufacturers of these HVAC systems are now paying proper heed in offering completely safe and protected products against microbial infections by adopting Nanodefence antimicrobial coatings on each element which they use in preparing such HVAC systems.

Ensuring Safe and Fresh Air to Breathe

All the three major functions of an HVAC system are interrelated, hence, the furnace or the boiler including the pipe system must be ensured with proper antimicrobial stainless steel coating that assures you of fresh and quality air. As most of the materials in an HVAC system include various metals, hence it becomes our responsibility to make HVAC systems absolutely safe from any kind of bacterial infections.
Our effective and proven nanotechnology-based antimicrobial coating works effectively on all kinds of surfaces whether porous or non-porous. Moreover, it develops a layer of nano spikes on the surface which penetrate within and kill all harmful cell membranes of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Our antimicrobial coating is tested and approved by BPR and is registered under ECHA. Once it is applied on any surface it starts working instantly after getting dried up. It not only kills all the cell membranes present on that time at a surface but also inhibits their further growth and keeps the entire surface protected against germs and bacteria for 90 days.
The 90-day antimicrobial coating ensured absolutely safe components which are used in any HVAC system. Most of our HVAC manufacturing clients have acclaimed our effective antimicrobial coating and are completely satisfied with its efficacy. The quality of air that their HVAC systems produced after applying our antimicrobial coating was found to be much superior than it was delivered earlier. They also reported to us that their entire HVAC system’s durability has also been increased which is due to the dirt and corrosion resistance features present in our antimicrobial formula.

A Complete Solution for Infection Prevention & Control
The manufacturers of HVAC system has identified the potential of our antimicrobial coating in offering completely safe and protected surfaces for their systems. They have opted for our services in their entire workstations where these systems are prepared by several technicians and other staff. The long-lasting antimicrobial coating offers protection against bacteria and germs and enables their employees to perform at par and enhance their productivity. The wide range of surfaces that our antimicrobial coating covers helps them to manufacture safe and quality HVAC systems which are used by various giant corporate and industries.