We have effectively delivered our home sanitization services in London and some other cities in UK. People who opted for our antimicrobial surface coating reported positively and appreciated its long-lasting effect on all kinds of surfaces. Within a short span of time, our home sanitization services got good hype just because of its effective control on harmful bacteria and germs.

Proven Technology with Immense Benefits
Our R&D team has worked a lot on some latest trends in developing antimicrobial coatings. As we wanted to make it absolutely secure, we opted for nanotechnology to develop the components of nanospikes. These Nanospikes penetrate within and kill all cell membranes of existing bacteria, germs, and viruses. Our antimicrobial coating is thoroughly tested and proven by Biocidal products regulation BPR and is also registered under ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). The optimal efficacy of our antimicrobial coating is appreciated and commended by all our clients whom we have served till now. This is the major reason why we are emerging as one of the leading home sanitization services providers in UK.
The current scenario demands absolute protection against germs and bacteria as they can become a major cause for serious illness and can even make you Covid-19 positive. We aim to create safe and secure places for all and this quest; we have successfully delivered our antimicrobial coating services to all major sectors.

Creating better place to dwell

A home is a place that was created by human civilization where it could feel comfort, safety and relaxedness. We understand that you never want any of your family members to get into serious troubles at this stage. Hence, we have put diligent efforts in making our antimicrobial surface coating robustly effective against any kind of bacterial infection. The antimicrobial infection control offered by Nanodefence antimicrobial surface coatings will keep everyone completely safe and has no side effects. The best part is that it offers a long-lasting 90 days protection against any infection on all surfaces. Hence, you don’t need to get it done frequently. Just call our team, and it will observe all high contact areas at your home and deliver perfect antimicrobial coating on all surfaces to keep you safe and protected.
Antimicrobial properties vary differently based on the type of surface, for instance, bacteria and germs are quickly destroyed by a copper surface while some other metals offer a sustainable platform for bacteria and germs to grow and develop. The sanitizing home service by Nanodefence works effectively on all kinds of surfaces whether porous or non-porous. Moreover, our active antimicrobial ingredients are used for over 20 years as an additional ingredient in manufacturing process of a wide range of textiles.
So whether it is your sofa, tiles on the floor, wooden kitchen cabinets, your car seat and dashboard, plastic toys, or an antique piece made of copper or any other metal, our antimicrobial coating works effectively on all such surfaces offering you complete safety against germs.
Bring Down the Risk to Minimum
The pandemic has surely taught us the essence of being safe and protected against bacterial infections. The way bacteria and germs are intervening in our lives; we have to take precautions at any cost or else, the consequences will be alarming.
It is your responsibility to take good care of your family and they depend on you completely for their every need. So set the parameters to ensure safety and health for your entire family and make your home the best place to dwell with assured antimicrobial infection control.
Nanodefence aspires to create healthy environments all around so that people can live life to the fullest enjoying every moment with your loved ones.

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