Let it be a restaurant, shopping mall, sports club, Cinema or any crowded place where pedestrians rush throughout the day. We have offered excellent services decontamination fogging in making these places absolutely safe and protected against any microbial attack. The antimicrobial resistance and infection control from NanoDefence has allowed people to enjoy quality time with their family & friends. Ensure complete safety against any kind of germs with our latest Nanotechnology-based surface coating and enjoy the benefits of offering the safest place for people to relax, enjoy, and have fun. People are much conscious about maintaining cleanliness in this pandemic situation and you can ensure a huge traffic towards your place by simply coating it with our 90-days long-lasting protected coating.

An Effective Marketing Strategy

Offering a safe and secure place for people to have fun and enjoy their quality time will prove to the most effective marketing strategy for your business. People prefer places which are clean and safe from any infection. Especially, when it comes to spending quality time with family & friends, people prefer places which are safe and are regularly sanitized with effective antimicrobial coating. The “word of mouth” keeps your place in limelight and you make yourself eligible to gain maximum traffic by expressing them your concern for their safety.
The antimicrobial coating from NanoDefence has proven quite effective in turning traffics wherever it has been used as a service. Whether Malls, Theatres, Restaurants or sports clubs, there is a huge traffic at such places throughout the day which can prove to be risky. When you opt for our antimicrobial coating, you have laid a robust foundation for your business. People will develop a sense of trust for your business and you will be amazed to see the results in a limited time span. The antimicrobial infection control sets your business to take a leap forward and flourish at its best.

Identify the scope Intuitively

People have really gone mad staying at locked at their homes from the previous year. They are dying to watch the latest movie in a theatre, to have their favorite cuisine, and kids are playing their best melodramatic part to take them to some restaurant or fun zone. If you provide them a safe and secure place where they can relax and spend quality time, your business will start witnessing dramatic traffic once you are able to instill confidence in them through our effective antimicrobial coating. Just get it done once and avail the benefits for the coming three months. The long-term protection against antimicrobial infection will keep things manageable and you can focus on several other important aspects of your business. This is the time to gain good hype by providing a clean and safe place for people where they can come, enjoy and appreciate your hospitality that will start yielding you results as soon as you opt for NanoDefence antimicrobial surface coating.

A Tested & Proven Way to Stay Protected Against Germs

NanoDefence is registered under ECHA and thoroughly follows all the guidelines of Biocidal Products Regulation BPR. Our technology is completely based on Nanotechnology and thus involves no side effects. It works effectively on both porous and non-porous surfaces where the nanospikes penetrate and kill cell membranes of harmful germs and bacteria. The process is completely mechanical instead of being chemical.
We simply aim to offer safe places to people where they can develop peace of mind and can enjoy doing what they are meant to do. The team of experts at NanoDefence is always busy in exploring new possibilities and more advanced procedures to offer complete safety and antimicrobial resistance and infection control.

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