Hospitals and Medical Institutes are one of the most served sectors by us. Medical services demand high-end protection against antimicrobial infections and thus, need to be equipped with a Permanent antimicrobial coating. Various doctors and lab experts have acknowledged the caliber of NanoDefence antimicrobial coating and have given us the opportunity to prove our excellence in providing the best antimicrobial resistance and infection control. The NanoDefence antimicrobial coating is capable of offering long-term safety against bacteria and germs that lasts for 90 days and has no side effects. We have successfully catered to the demand for the highest standard of hygiene in medical services and we feel proud to express that we have offered our excellent services in some top-notch medical institutions and hospitals all across the UK. The pro-active approach of NanoDefence ensures the safest place for medical staff to keep their place free from any kind of bacterial infection. The antibacterial coating spray offers the highest degree of sanitization to all surfaces and keeps sophisticated instruments and tools free from contamination.

Safeguarding the Guardians of Planet

The role of doctors and medical staff is indispensable in our society as they protect our lives when we face any life-threatening disease. Hence, we diligently provide an advanced antimicrobial coating over various surfaces in hospitals and clinics to make sure that bacterial infections doesn’t spread and put lives in danger. The antimicrobial coating from NanoDefence works efficiently on all kinds of surfaces whether porous or non-porous. Our team of experts takes proper care in delivering advanced antimicrobial coating on several medical tools and equipment to make sure that you get hygienic treatment. The peace of mind it brings to the entire medical staff encourages them to give their best and perform their life-saving roles effectively. It provides confirm surface protection by controlling the growth of unwanted bacteria and germs. The antimicrobial coating from NanoDefence also increases the durability of the surface on which it is applied and keeps it protected against corrosion and degradation.

Creating Perfect Environment for Patients

Hospital is a place where most people are already struggling in recovering from any serious disease and when they don’t get a suitable, safe, and hygienic environment, their chances of recovering from the disease get lowered. We have always ensured that we provide the safest environment for both medical staffs and patients where the former can save lives effectively and the latter gets benefited by a safe and secure environment. Our antimicrobial coating is registered under ECHA and is also thoroughly tested and proven by Biocidal Products & Regulation BPR. Hence, you are assured of effective and efficient coating that gives you long-lasting protection against any kind of bacterial infections and germs spread. Once the antimicrobial coating by NanoDefence is applied on any type of surface, you just have to leave the surface for two hours and when it gets died-up, you get a surface that is absolutely protected and free from any kind of bacterial attack.
The reason why most of the prestigious hospitals and medical institutes have opted our advanced antimicrobial surface coating is the Nanotechnology on which it is based. It develops a layer of Nanospikes which penetrate within and kill all harmful bacteria and germs and also prevents their binary fission too. In this way, you are assured of long-term protection against any such infection. The process is completely mechanical instead of being chemically based which can have some severe side effects and patients can be affected seriously due to this. We aim to create better, safe, and protected surfaces for people where they can live healthy and happier lives.

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