The corporate sector has realized the need and importance to offer a better and safe place to work for their employees after facing serious problems because of the recent lockdown. NanoDefence has witnessed a great demand among its corporate clients where they have used our antimicrobial coating service to keep their workplaces absolutely safe from any kind of bacterial infection.
With the advent of co-working spaces, people from different companies share a common workplace as a cost-effective way to work. We deliverĀ  Office sanitizing service by Nanodefence sheer professionalism in introducing regular hand-wash and sanitization stations along with our effective and efficient Office sanitizing service by Nanodefenceon surfaces. You can now eliminate the absence of employees due to health issues and instill confidence in them that they are working in the safest place and nothing can harm them once you adopt this advanced Nanotechnology-based antibacterial coating. Keep your employees safe from any kind of infection and create a happy working environment.

Aiding in Increased Productivity

Most of our corporate clients have reported that they have witnessed increased productivity after adopting our antimicrobial surface coating. When employees feel that they are working in an organization that keeps proper care for their health safety, they develop the peace of mind which eventually results in increased performance by every employee. They give their best when they are at work and enjoy the clean and safe work environment which you offer to them at your office.

Covering High Contact Surfaces Effectively

Our team of experts is experienced and skilled enough to identify major areas which often come in contact by employees during their working hours. They deliver our efficient and effective antimicrobial coating on various surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, desk-phones, touch screens, washrooms, window areas, canteen, office desks and furniture, electronic equipment and on hat everything which is likely to be used during office hours.

Long-term Protection

The 90-day antimicrobial protection offered by NanoDefence keeps you at rest by offering a place that is absolutely protected against any kind of microbial infection. This also develops your brand value as the word of mouth marketing by your employees helps you HR department to get some candidates for any vacant position. Our antimicrobial surface coating works efficiently on all kinds of surfaces whether porous or non-porous. Our antimicrobial resistance and infection control is tested and proven by BPR and is registered under ECHA that assures you of authentic antimicrobial service.
We have successfully offered our advanced antimicrobial disinfectant services to various corporate giants all across the UK and are committed to offering a safe and secure place for everyone on this planet so that they can live a healthy and peaceful life by keeping themselves protected against harmful diseases which are caused by deadly germs and bacteria.
Choosing our highly effective antimicrobial surface coating at your workplace will give an extra edge over your competitors where healthy and safe employees will prove to be the most valuable asset for your organization.
So rethink on your safety and sanitization standards and get the best sanitization service from NanoDefence.

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