Public transportation is a major sector on which most people depend for their daily commute purposes. We have thoroughly rendered our services in providing advanced antimicrobial coating & Decontamination fogging service in the public transport sector to make sure that people travel safe for their livelihood. We take into account that everything which comes in human contact while traveling in buses and airplanes. Antimicrobial infection control works efficiently on both porous and non-porous surfaces to ensure that you don’t get infected through any means. It’s a major sector where people travel on a daily basis and we lower their risk of getting infected through our long-lasting and effective antimicrobial coating for  Public transportation infection control is an effective way to keep people away from harm bacterial attacks which may later become a cause for their illness.

Refurbish Your Transport Service with our Latest Technology

The antimicrobial surface coating offered by NanoDefence is based on Nanotechnology where a layer of Nanospikes penetrates within and kill all the cell membranes of harmful bacteria and germs. In this way, the entire process becomes mechanical instead of chemical to produce any side effect. Moreover, when you opt for our service, you are ensured of long-term protection against all germs and microbes. The long-lasting layer of NanoDefence antimicrobial coating lasts for 90 days and you stay relaxed by offering safe transportation services to people. Whether it is trains, buses, taxi/cabs, or airplanes, antimicrobial resistance and infection control works best for all. Our coating is effective and efficient for both porous and non-porous surfaces.
Public transportation is used widely across nations to meet daily traveling needs. When people opt for any particular transportation service, it becomes our responsibility to offer them absolutely safe and protected transportation so that they can travel safely and get to their workplaces for their livelihood and for any other purpose.

Bring Down the Risk of Contamination

Whether you choose to travel via a bus, a train, an airplane, or even a ship, you have to share limited space with myriads which increases the risk of getting infected through a person who is already suffering from Corona or from any other infectious disease. The antimicrobial coating from NanoDefence keeps you safe from getting infected in such situations and you can travel safely without any panic. Thus, adding more comfort and peace of mind in people that they are protected against any microbial infection that can harm them during getting in touch with infectious things in transports. Our clinically tested and proven formula works effectively on all kinds of surfaces and gives you best protection against germs. Adopting effective and advanced disinfection will instill confidence in people and will bring them back to your transportation service. Hence, choosing NanoDefence antimicrobial coating will prove to be an effective marketing strategy to regain your business traffic and let it flourish at its best. Let people know your concern for them and the appreciation will come in the form of increased passengers with greater trust in your transportation service.

Proven Expertise & Excellence

We have successfully rendered our disinfecting services in various Marcopolo buses and several airlines and all our clients have reported positively on our incredible service and standard procedures to deliver it. Our trained and skilled staff takes proper care in delivering antimicrobial surface coating and antibacterial spray on different areas which are more likely to come in contact by various people.
NanoDefence looks forward to provide safe and better places for people which are protected against any kind of microbial infection. We make our best attempts to make this world safer and happier by rendering technology-based disinfectant solutions.

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