5 Things to do to Protect from any Infection & Bacteria

Pandemic has taught us the need and importance of keeping ourselves and our homes free from any kind of infection and bacteria. You haven’t washed your hands that many times in your entire lifetime which you have washed in the previous one year. We are living in a world that is highly contagious and we all are surrounded by millions of germs and bacteria wherever we are. Hence, you must focus on keeping yourself and your homes safe from any kind of bacterial infection to ensure a safe, healthy, and happy life. This article will guide you through some basic guidelines which you need to follow to keep yourself protected from any kind of germs and bacteria.

Develop Healthy Habits

Some wise person has ever said, “First you build your habits and then your habits build you”. We understand that you have a too busy schedule to keep your focus on bacteria and germs which we can’t even see. But whether you can see them or not, you pay any heed to them or not, they constantly do what they are meant to do. So you must develop a good habit to wash your hands frequently. We will not mention how often, but that depends on your level of activity. Another good habit to consider is to cover your coughs and sneezes. Use a handkerchief wherever possible in this regard and wash it daily. These habits will help in infection prevention and control and will reduce the chance of getting infected through any germs or bacteria.

Use Trusted Antimicrobial Coatings

Getting your entire home properly sanitized through some trusted antimicrobial surface coating is of utmost importance today. Nanodefence is a sure-shot and advanced solution for this as it offers quality surface coating that keeps your home protected against bacteria and germs for 90 days. Get the best antimicrobial resistance and infection control from Nanodefence that is based on Nanotechnology where a layer of Nanospikes penetrate within and kills all cell membranes of harmful bacteria and germs. This advanced technology is tested and proven by various authorities and is registered under ECHA. Hence, you get a long-term protection against all kinds of microbial infections if you opt for this advanced service.

Take care of your Cell phone too

It might be surprising for you to know that your cell phone contains the maximum number of bacteria and germs. Never allow toddlers to take it into their mouth and make sure that you regularly sanitize it with some good quality sanitizer.

Cover your Nose & Mouth when in crowd

You must be aware of the benefits of using a mask in this current pandemic situation. Even if there was no Corona effect, covering your nose and mouth in crowd will always keep you safe from bacterial infection. We often don’t realize that we are prone to harmful microbes and germs when we are in crowd. Use antibacterial coating spray to keep things safe and protected from germs. It is better to stay alert and stay protected by covering your mouth and nose from where bacteria can directly enter your body.

Eat Healthy Food

It seems quite familiar but most people often fail to stick to this simple and common rule. If taste is something for which you dwell, you are surely on the wrong track. You must prefer food that is balanced in nutrition and aids in developing a robust immune system. Food rich in vitamin C, and some other green vegetables, fresh fruits, and cereals are very imperative part of daily food intake.