Keep Your Home Germs-free & Stay Safe in This Pandemic Period

Keep Your Home Germs-free & Stay Safe in This Pandemic Period

None of us ever realized the importance of keeping our homes germ-free unless the Pandemic hit the whole world. We have to understand the basic difference between keeping our homes clean and keeping it safe from germs, bacteria, and microbes. Most of us focus on the former aspect and leave the latter one just because we can’t observe it. The essence of keeping homes absolutely free from germs has a direct impact on our health, and especially on kids. We are living in the era of technological advancements where almost everything from air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink has become contaminated. Of course, we have developed remedies for each aspect but still there is a great need to prevent our homes from ever-flourishing and highly mutable bacteria germs, and microbes.

Use the Best Disinfectant Services

NanoDefence Antimicrobial coating is a proven solution to keep homes, offices, Hospitals, Restaurants, and any place absolutely safe from germs and bacteria. This competent antimicrobial solution is based on advanced Nanotechnology where molecular layer of covalently bound biocidal molecules are based around silicone polymer chemistry. To keep it in simple words, it is an invisible layer of nanospikes which penetrates and destroys cell membranes. In this way, the process becomes absolutely mechanical instead of chemical. Unlike any other disinfectants which are generally chemically-based and cause severe health hazards, our advanced technology is designed & developed to provide 90 days antimicrobial protection against germs.

Adopt a Thorough Cleaning Regime
Now you must be wondering that this is the most common thing that you do on a daily basis. You often depend on your cleaning staffs and servants to clean your homes or you engage in some cleaning task once in a while. The fact is that you need to clean each and every corner of your home diligently. We understand that it is not possible to do it on a daily basis but at least it can be done on alternate days. There are some small portions and corners in your home which become home to bacteria and microbes to penetrate and expand to the entire place. All these small portions need to be cleaned thoroughly and you have to make it sure that it is done on a regular basis. Using an efficient antibacterial coating is a reliable and advanced solution. Doing this will keep you safe and protected from any bacterial infection and will keep you and your family absolutely safe.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

This is another major aspect of keeping your home or office safe from any harmful bacterial attack. Try to maintain proper ventilation throughout the day and especially during the day-time. The more sunlight will enter into the place, the better it will remain protected against any microbial or bacterial attack. If direct exposure to sunlight is not available, make sure that you keep your windows open to let fresh air come in. Use long lasting antimicrobial coating to keep floors clean and safe. Every room in your home must have proper ventilation, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Both these places are home to countless bacteria and germs which slowly but steadily penetrates and then expand throughout the home.

Keep Moisture Content Limited

It is a basic fact that high moisture content is the most suitable condition for germs like Fungi, bacteria, and virus to penetrate and expand all over. Hence, you must make sure that you keep your place dry especially in the rainy season. You can use your fans to keep the place dry and it will prevent the abundance of bacteria and fungi breeding at that place. You can also make efficient use of your table fans keeping them faced towards wet areas.

Place a Dustbin in Every Room

No matter how clean you keep your home, the moment you throw some residues on the floor, it starts developing germs and bacteria on it. Make sure that you also keep your dustbins clean regularly. Using a dustbin without cleaning or washing it will prove to a futile effort. Get the best antibacterial coating from NanoDefence to keep your office and workplace clean and free from any germs. Hence, keep things arranged and make proper use of your dustbins on a regular note.

Wash your Clothes Daily

You just can’t imagine the way your clothes may contain germs and bacteria when you go out of your home and then come back home taking them along with you. According to a survey, you cell phone carries 25, 127 bacteria per square inch. Yes, the numbers aren’t misspelled in any sense. So you can figure out the way bacteria and germs keep floating on your clothes that have been exposed to outdoor environment. Hence, you need to wash your clothes daily as far as possible. Doing so will keep you safe and intact.

Keep Phones, Toys, and Gadgets Clean

Use a good sanitizer and keep your phones, kid’s toys, and every electronic gadget clean. Make sure that you clean your phone with it once in a day at least. Also, make a habit to keep shoes outside the homes and if it not possible, at least create a separate space at home for them. Your shoes go everywhere along with you and this makes them prone to some pollen, germs, and other harmful bacteria that you bring inside your home unintentionally. Use long lasting antimicrobial coating from NanoDefence to keep your floors absolutely protected from any germs.
Getting the best disinfectant services from NanoDefence is the best and long lasting solution to keep your home and its surfaces protected against any bacterial attack. However, the other points must also be made a part of your daily routine if you really want to stay safe in this highly contaminated world.