Top 5 Ways to Control Infection and Keep Away From Germs

antimicrobial resistance and infection control

Have you ever thought of the kind of environment where we dwell? However, irrespective of your concern for this, the fact is that we are living in an era of micro-organisms and germs which are present all around us. Just try to recall the moment when for the first time, you saw the slide containing bacteria under a microscope in your school days. It really made you awful but the situation has got worse now. We need to develop a deep understanding regarding the world of germs and bacteria and their active role in making us more dependent on medications and cure. We have mentioned top 5 ways through which you can manage to keep away these harmful micro-organisms and live a safe, protected and healthy life with your family and loved ones.

The Corona Formula; Wash your Hands Constantly

Our hand is the most contaminated part in our entire body. Think of the things that you touch through your hands in a single day. Almost everything in this world contains millions of bacteria on them and we continuously come in touch with them through our hands. Hence, hands need to be washed in a proper way many times a day. Especially before eating and coming in contact with kids. As children have a less developed immune system, they can be harmed more than you by these harmful bacteria and germs. Use a good quality antibacterial coating spray to keep your surfaces clean. Washing hands regularly will also prevent bacteria from entering your mouth when you eat something.

Consider a Trusted Disinfectant Service

Your home is a place where you spend your most of the time. Not only you, but your entire family is exposed to several bacterial risks if you don’t get sanitized on regular intervals. There are guests coming to your home, cook, servants, cleaners, plumbers, and many more unknown people, all carrying millions of bacteria and germs along with them which enter your home. You can prefer for a trusted disinfectant service like NanoDefence antimicrobial resistance and infection control is the best way through which you can keep your entire home protected against any kind of bacteria and germs. It offers long-lasting 90-days protection and is based on a mechanical process of killing germs rather than any harmful chemical involvement that can have severe side-effects. It is based on nanotechnology which develops a layer of Nanospikes which penetrate within and kill cell membranes of all harmful bacteria and germs.

Take Care of your Pets

Most people consider their pets as a member of their family and wrap around them throughout the day. There is nothing bad in doing so but make sure that you take proper care of their health and sanitization too. Make sure that your pets have regular check-ups and are properly vaccinated. Clean litter boxes frequently and make sure that children don’t get near to their faces. Different animals carry various diseases along with them and you may become prone to them if you don’t pay heed to them. Make sure that anyone who gets in contact with pets washes hands immediately after playing with them and then touch any other thing.

Make Best use of your Ventilation

It is a proven fact that moisture is the most suitable place for bacteria and germs to penetrate and multiply. Therefore, you should always make sure that no area remains wet for a long time. Especially, your washroom, which is the most targeted place by bacteria and germs. Use proper ventilation and allow maximum sunlight to enter your home whenever possible. Use good quality antimicrobial infection control solutions to keep washrooms clean.

Get Vaccinated ASAP

Including the Corona Virus vaccine, there are some other too which help you to develop a better immune system to resist the harmful effects of bacteria and germs. Proper vaccination will control the level of infection and will allow you to fight against them. It is a proven way for antimicrobial resistance and infection control.
Our safety is completely in our hands and we need to get aware of the micro-organisms present all around us. We want you to live a safe and happy life and for this you have to look for a long-lasting antimicrobial coating solution.