The Evolution of Gold Nanospikes for Antibacterial Surface Applications

Ever since human race has developed a deep understanding about micro-organisms, scientists and researchers have worked day and night to come up with a possible solution for a safe and protected surface against bacterial infections. Infection prevention and control has become the utmost priority for us today. The integration of high-aspect ratio nanospikes across surfaces has been widely reported to impart antibacterial characteristics to a substratum. This is because of the presence of Nanospikes that hinders the mechanical rapture of attached bacteria; eventually causing cell death. The development of high-efficacy antibacterial nano-architectures fabricated on a variety of materials is critical to the wider acceptance of this newly developed technology.
NanoDefence Antimicrobial Coating
At NanoDefence, we have always strived to prepare the best formula that works mechanically on the present layer of bacteria, germs, and viruses rather than being chemically-based components which can even cause some serious side effects on people’s health. Our R&D department has deeply performed various research works where antibacterial behavior of a series of substrata containing multi-directional electrodeposited gold (Au) Nanospikes was studied and experimented as both function o deposition time and precursor concentration. We deeply assessed the bacterial efficacy of substrata containing Au Nanospikes as a function of deposition time to elucidate the nano-pattern that represented the highest level of biocidal activity.
Tested, Proven & Accepted Widely
NanoDefence antimicrobial coating is completely based on nanospikes which develop a layer within and kill all harmful cell membranes instantly. Our advanced antimicrobial coating not only kills the current bacteria and germs but also hinders their further growth. This is why we assure you complete safety against any kind of bacterial infection on any surface. Our tested and proven antimicrobial formula has been widely accepted by various authorities and biocidal products governing bodies including Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). Our active ingredient is registered with European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) that has accepted its efficacy on various types of surfaces ncluding both porous and non-porous. Our antimicrobial coating spray is effective against all kinds of micro-organisms and prevents their mutation to offer completely surfaces for you.

We Aimed at A Long-lasting Antimicrobial Resistance
The Nanospikes fabrication and materialization was so performed that we can reach to a long-lasting solution for antimicrobial resistance and infection control. Our lab experts and scientists were clear in their mind to adopt sustainable measures to come up with the best antimicrobial formula. The 90-day antimicrobial protection that you get from our coating leaves you stress-free and you can rely on its efficacy blindly. Once you apply the coating on any surface, you just have to wait for 2 hours and when it gets dried up completely, the nanospikes get on their work to provide you the safest surface that is absolutely free from any kind of bacterial infection. The versatile effect that our antimicrobial metal coating gives to your metal surfaces also enhances the durability of that surface keeping them protected against corrosion and stains.
Increasing Number of Contented Clients
We have successfully delivered our antimicrobial coating services to various sectors including Medical services, Transport, Construction, Malls & Restaurants, Educational Institutes, HVAC system manufacturers, and corporate offices & Industries. We feel proud to state that we have been widely acclaimed by all our national and international clients where they have either reported with sudden decrease in sick leaves of their employees and staffs or have witnessed enhanced productivity of labours and employees at their workstations. Moreover, our long-lasting antimicrobial coating has instilled confidence among the workers and employees which eventually has resulted in developing peace of mind in them and in employers as well. We aim to create safer, happier, and protected places all over the world so that people can enjoy the benefits of working in healthy and safe environment.
NanoDefence is committed to make its technology and antimicrobial formula more promising than ever. We constantly keep spreading awareness against increasing world of micro-organisms and what effect they can have on our lives if we still keep ignoring them. At least we have learnt a great lesson from the recent pandemic situation. So get your home, office and workplace protected against deadly infections and experience safe and healthy environment all around with NanoDefence Antimicrobial Surface coating.